Vell Papiol | Desserts
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mousse davellana cruixent amb brownie de xocolata
pupurri de fruites a l'aroma de farigola

All the desserts found in our menu are made by us.

Our sweet menu tries to find a balance between tradition and innovation.

At the same time we want to represent all families of products (fruit, chocolate, nuts, cream,…) and techniques (mousse, cakes, creams, foams, esferifications, gelatin).

Apart from the seasonal fixed menu, we produce and propose various new desserts each week. This way you can find new desserts and we can innovate as professionals.

We also have artesanal ice cream with different flavours all year long. There’s also a large selection of cheeses from different origins and production methods.

And finally, a little list of sweet wines to accompany our desserts.