The menu

Our menu is consists of whole year dishes, such as rice or ‘suquets de peix’ (fish stews); and those dishes which depend on the season and the fresh food purchased at the ‘llotja’ (seafood auction).

For example, we offer:

Seafood from Vilanova i la Geltrú: prawns, lobsters, sea cucumbers, tallines, screws,…
Galician seafood: clams, razor clams, barnacles,…

Fish from tle ‘llotja’ of Vilanova i la Geltrú: sea bass, sea bream, grouper, monkfish, tuna,… cooked in the oven, in ‘suquet’, grilled, donostia, with several sauces,…

Diverse starters: salad with trotters and prawn, lobster salad with vinaigrette of cava, blue fish and tomato Raff salad, ravioli of langoustines with parmesan, warm octopus salad, grilled vegetables and ‘glass bread’, warm salad spring in citrus vinaigrette or black noodles with sepions with their ink.

It should be noted our rice: paella, lobster rice,  seamen’s rice, black rice, cuttlefish rice with ‘espardenyes’ (sea cucumbers;, and also our fideuas with seafood.

We also serve the typical arrossejat of Calafell, made with previous order.

In our menu, there is a small representation of meat, lamb chops grilled, fillet steak with mushrooms in port wine, leg of lamb, beef steak “Nebraska Angus”, beef sweetbreads, dishes with duck’s fresh liver, etc.

Menu in pdf

Our producers

Fish and seafood bought directly at the Llotja de pescadors de Vilanova (Garraf-Penedès Marítim)

Extra virgin arbequina olive oil Torclum (La Bisbal del Penedès, Baix Penedès)

Ecological vegetables, Camp de la Sort (Bonastre, Baix Penedès)

Beef – Carns Torras  (Calafell-Bellvei, Baix Penedès)

Artisan goat cheese from Formatgeria Marvall (el Vendrell, Baix Penedès)

Bomba rice Illa de Riu (Sant Jaume d’Enveja, Montsià)

Vinagre Forvm (el Vendrell, Baix Penedès)


All the desserts found in our menu are made by us.

Our sweet menu tries to find a balance between tradition and innovation.

At the same time we want to represent all families of products (fruit, chocolate, nuts, cream,…) and techniques (mousse, cakes, creams, foams, esferifications, gelatin).

Apart from the seasonal fixed menu, we produce and propose various new desserts each week. This way you can find new desserts and we can innovate as professionals.

We also have artesanal ice cream with different flavours all year long. There’s also a large selection of cheeses from different origins and production methods.

And finally, a little list of sweet wines to accompany our desserts.